Project Description

Broncolor Values & Beliefs

Our company, founded in 1958, with its product brands, broncolor and kobold, has developed over the past half-century into a “global player” in the international market for professional lighting systems. 

Light  is our passion
The challenge of consistently meeting your needs and repeatedly surprising you with innovations is our motivation – and light our passion.

Our goal is to produce State of the Art products, housing in a corporate and modern design including broncolor’s technological innovations and guaranteeing an unbeatable quality standard. This is also what you expect from us in your daily work in the studio or on location.

Every product is unique
Every unit that leaves our production facilities undergoes exhaustive functional testing. Wherever possible, new developments are made compatible with earlier models.

Systematically implemented over the years, this philosophy has enriched the broncolor product line to such an extent that it leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of operating convenience, long-term value and reliability. And we stand by that.

We need your input, now and in the future to achieve our goals and beliefs and to be sure to count you among our satisfied customers for many years to come.